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. . you want to know what living life to the fullest actually is? it’s waking up on a Monday morning with no complaints. it’s knowing you ..always.. deserve to laugh. its doing what feels right matter what... it’s doing what you want to.., no matter how.. stupid look. it’s about being yourself, cause no one can tell you you're doing it ..wrong...

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My drug #patternmaking #purse #patterndrafting

The guys playing basketball last weekend <3


Balllinnn #jk #rentmoney #wearepoor #byebyemonies @fleasandlice weewees wanted in on the money he laid on it lolol

Lols @fleasandlice @christian_ritter


Teehee ; D @vnpieters @alishhhaaa @kaylalg

The best #diy make up brush cleaner is olive oil and dish soap!!

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Missing my best friend and teasing her of what shes missing back home @alishhhaaa @vnpieters

Yup he cut off all his hair! !! Wahhhhh!! But hes still handsome!! ♡♡♡ @fleasandlice

The guys one the vibrating chairs hahahaha @christian_ritter @fleasandlice @keverino7

Got to pick our couch color and pillows yesterday woohooo

Miss the days when schedules were out in advance lol #annoyed

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My co worker is the besttttt

I seriously love the fact that everyday at work I get a compliment on my ring on how vintage and unique it is ♡♡♡