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. . you want to know what living life to the fullest actually is? it’s waking up on a Monday morning with no complaints. it’s knowing you ..always.. deserve to laugh. its doing what feels right matter what... it’s doing what you want to.., no matter how.. stupid look. it’s about being yourself, cause no one can tell you you're doing it ..wrong...

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Chicken alfredo for dinner tonight yummyy @fleasandlice

But really tho

Can’t really say we’ve got everything set, our future’s getting set for the most part as our schooling for our careers are about to begin. For once I’d be okay with asking for help. If you’d like to donate www.Gofundme/

Busy dayyyy

Currently in food coma @fleasandlice

On my lunch break doing homework #patternmaking

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I dont eat dinner till johnny gets home <3 he got to choose what the menu was tonight @fleasandlice

This gives me anxiety! !! today is my last day here going to try to conquer it

Im pretty sure the only thing that is keeping me awake and going is my #herbalifetea

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Lets see how much of a dent I can make at mo val store to get them back in shape ;D

Hmmmm what am I making ;)

They keep us company @fleasandlice

MESS BE GONE!! lol ive decided to wash all my clothes from the move so I got alot of clothes to wash boo!! But I like that I can close the Door and pretend its not there till the next load ;)

Chillin on my ridiculously comfy couch till i have to go to work

Scariest freight elevator ever that sends us to the basement at random